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Our Solutions

Strategy Consulting

Our clients call us for sales performance improvement when:

  • They want to accelerate selling cycles, reduce deal loss and customer decision delay, and improve deal quality
  • They want to align Sales for greater revenues and Marketing for greater ROI.

We provide:

  • Sales organisation transformation
  • Assessment and strategy development
  • Organisational change management
  • Synergy planning and capture
  • Value proposition analysis and development
  • Cost take-out and revenue generation initiatives
  • Go to Market, and activations for new solutions, territories and sales initiatives
  • Sales campaign development, execution and management
  • Lead generation and sales pipeline growth initiatives
  • Cross-selling and upselling programs

Customer Success Management

The “XaaS” business model relies on customer retention and relationship management for the financial model to work.

Our Customer Success Management (CSM) program helps you to strengthen your customer relationships to reduce churn, protect recurring revenues, and drive new opportunities.

Why is Customer Success Important?

More than ever, your customers are able and willing to switch vendors at the suspicion that they’re not getting great value.

Every technology vendor is looking to improve ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) through customer retention, as well as increase CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), but those goals will only be sustainable if their customers achieve the business value promised by the solutions they’ve acquired. This is where CSM comes in, with strategic and well-managed programs for benefits realisation and account management.

The primary goal of CSM is not just to make the customer successful, but to make them successful through the use of the products and services that they have purchased from us.

And for winning new business and logos, CSM is a powerful value proposition and differentiator when the case studies and customer references are used effectively.

Our Customer Success Management program delivers:

  • A unified CSM strategy – CSM is not one single person’s job, it spans your entire organisation
  • A growth-oriented CSM Charter for customer success
  • Integration of CSM into support, sales and account management activities, CSM ownership, and incentivisation

Marketing and Sales Enablement

Our technology industry focused sales enablement and marketing services help you to increase sales performance and marketing ROI by focusing on business outcomes and value, and aligning to your customer’s buying journey with powerful content, next-level selling skills and the tools to drive engagement.

For Marketing and Sales

  • Content creation that is tailored to the Customer’s Buying Journey, aligned to sales narratives and focused on the customer’s business challenges
  • Services for lead generation and nurturing
  • Competency development, Recruiting, On-boarding & Training
  • Accelerating time to revenue for new hires
  • Selling complex solutions
  • Key Account Management
  • Understanding your Customer – business challenges, industries and roles
  • Presenting your technology vision for business successto Senior Executives – business cases, strategy drivers
  • Selling with Vision, Alignment and Value
  • Aligning to customer goals and strategies
  • Selling the Business Case

Sales Enablement

  • Narrative development, executive conversations and business focus
  • Resource development
  • Sales collateral
  • Selling tools
  • Sales playbooks
  • Coaching and mentoring

Our Clients

Our clients are successful technology companies that design, sell and provide systems, infrastructure and services across a range of customer industries.

About Us

We’re a multi-disciplinary and highly responsive team based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We’ve been in the IT industry for a long time, and we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in technology, locally and internationally.

We think that old-school sales methodologies are not helping technology sellers anymore, because customers have evolved their buying process to the point that conventional selling is no longer effective. 

That’s why we’ve developed VAV Selling™. It’s a structured and practical approach to developing compelling narratives and tools that are specific to your business and your solutions, while providing your customers with the kind of value-adding engagement that they expect from strategic technology partners.

Vision – present a vision of technology and business success to your customers

Alignment –  show how your solutions align closely with their business goals

Value –  be able to articulate a credible and compelling business case for your solutions

It’s all about focus…

Focus on you, as our client

We only work with clients in the Tech industry, and we have many years of experience in working across all technology domains.

We understand that your business has unique opportunities and challenges, and that the same applies to your customers. So no generic approaches.

Focus on your solutions and their value

Your customers are looking for business value and ROI.

We focus on helping you to present the business value of your solutions because having the best tech specs isn’t enough to win the business anymore.

Focus on your customers

We focus on your customer’s buying experience, from the start of their buying journey all the way through to ownership and operation.

It’s about meeting expectations, success management and long term relationships.

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